Stories Untold: Jewish Pioneer Women 1850-1920: The Art of Andrea Kalinowski
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Andrea Kalinowski's Stories Untold weaves together the particular stories of Jewish women's lives in the American West with quilt patterns that stand for women's culture of the period in general. The magic of the work is in its willingness to let the women speak for themselves through their own writings and images. Combining tropes of feminist art from the 1970s together with the technical sophistication and awareness of mediating visions from the present day, Kalinowski's project allows us to peer into a past that is just beginning tobecome visible. Following the lead of artists such as Faith Ringgold, Kalinowski engages the social context of quilts and quiltmaking while exploring new media. We are starting to piece together the multiple histories of the American West and the contributions of these and other Jewish women are part of those quilts of history.
Aline Chipman Brandauer

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